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Flava Breakfast visit Celebration Box HQ

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Sol3 Mio crew make their own Celebration Box!

The Flava Radio Breakfast crew visited the Celebration Box Headquarters to make their own Celebration Box gift boxes. The boys from Sol3 Mio each had their turn at creating their very own gift box from scratch, using a range of sweet candy, donuts, and delicious goodies - with a little help from our in-house Celebration Box gifting experts. 

The Sol3 Mio boys each choose a theme. Moses Mackay went for 'Mother's Day' themed gift box, which he filled with female beauty products such as a Côte Noire Rose Petal Candle, an 'I Love You Teddy Bear', and some marshmallows (some half eaten - because sharing is caring!). Moses made his gift box with his Mum in mind, and it turned out to be a beautiful and feminine gift that any Mum would love - minus the half eaten marshmallows! 

Moses Mackay


Amitai Pati based his gift box around treats you'd need for a raining day! Calling it 'The Weekender', he added all the goodies you want when you're staying in for the weekend – including a sharing bag of Maltesers, a packet of Peanut Butter Oreos, and a Kit Kat block. He even included one of our board games ‘Guess Who’, making this weekender gift box perfect for sharing with your partner or friend for a weekend in.  

Amitai Pati


And last up was Pene Pati, who went for a ‘nuts’ theme! Nut lovers rejoice, this gift box includes a range of treats salty and sweet, such as the Red Rock Deli Roasted Peanuts, Whittaker’s Almond Gold Chocolate Block, and even some mini do(nuts)! The gift box was then topped with peanuts for the magic Pene touch.  

Pene Pati


Head to the Flava Facebook post to vote for your favourite Celebration Box. The winner will take home a box for themselves, designed by either Moses, Amitai, or Pene.  

Sol3 Mio at Celebration Box 

For more chances to win, turn into Flava breakfast Monday-Friday.  

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