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Gift Baskets & Gift Hampers


If you have a taste for life's finer things, these gift hampers and baskets are an ideal choice


Our opulent gift hamper and gift basket collection falls in a slightly more upscale category compared to our standard gift boxes. If you're in search of something distinct from the typical gift box, then this collection is tailored for you. Within it, you'll discover a variety of options, including fruit baskets, wine and cheese baskets, craft beer hampers, and many more to choose from.

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The Delightful Week (Auckland Only)


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Fresh Fruit Basket (Auckland Only)

From $74.95

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Craft Beer Hamper (Auckland Only)


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Treat Her Pink Luxury Gift Box (Auckland Only)


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Beer Snacks


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Cheers To Him


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Your Little Moët


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Pink Champagne


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Pretty in Pink


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What is the difference between gift baskets/hampers and gift boxes?

Our gift hampers and baskets stand out from our gift boxes due to their luxurious nature and slightly higher price point. While our gift boxes provide an excellent and affordable option with a wide selection suitable for people of all ages, our hampers and baskets cater primarily to the older demographic. These offerings include alcohol, fresh fruits, and an array of luxurious items, making them an ideal choice for those seeking an upscale gifting experience.

Do you deliver your gift hampers and gift baskets New Zealand wide?

Many of our gift hampers and baskets are designated for delivery within Auckland only. This limitation is due to the open-box or basket design of most items in this collection, which makes them unsuitable for shipping throughout New Zealand. By confining deliveries to Auckland, we can significantly reduce the risk of damage to these hampers and baskets. To identify which gift hampers and baskets are restricted to Auckland delivery, simply check the description, as those designated for Auckland only will clearly state "(AUCKLAND ONLY)." If no such notation is present, it means they are available for shipment throughout New Zealand.