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Celebration Box, Gift Boxes, Flowers & Sweet Treats
It all started when two friends came together to offer an alternative to boring gifts *cough socks cough* in New Zealand...
So along came the idea of Celebration Boxes - the perfect excuse to never send a boring gift again! 
We've got you covered, whether it your friends graduation, you're in the dog box with your girlfriend, you forgot your dads birthday, or even if you're just addicted to treats.
So join the Celebration Box fam, and become part of our Gift Box revolution, because socks are boring ;) 
The Celebration Box Team:
Here are some photos below of our amazing team in action, helping to create all of your beautiful Celebration Boxes every day!
Celebration Box production area
Gift Box Orders Ready for Delivery NZ
Gift Box inside red courier delivery van 
1/144 Cryers Road
East Tamaki, Auckland 2013