Celebration Box partners with Southern Hoiho Womens Basketball

Celebration Box partners with Southern Hoiho Womens Basketball

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Celebration Box are pleased to announce our new partnership with the Southern Hoiho Womens Basketball Team. The Dunedin-based Southern Hoiho join four other teams from around the country competing in Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa.

The inaugural Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa competition replaces the old women’s National Basketball League, and puts women on equal pay footing with the men’s NBL.

“We jumped at the chance to sponsor the Southern Hoiho this season. Having women being paid the same as men is a big deal. It’s something big to celebrate. Because that’s what we do best at here at Celebration Box” Wayne Kennerley, CEO – Celebration Box

The Southern Hoiho are led by former Tall Fern Samara Gallaher, the team also includes Tall Ferns Zoe Richards and Nicole Ruske. Olivia O’Neill, Bronwyn Kjestrup, Aleisha Ruske make up the rest of the team.

Shelby Cheslek and Laina Snyder, two Americans with impressive pedigree have joined the Hoiho this year, complementing Australian point guard Tori Dugan. The import trio join a useful local trio on the Hoiho roster.

Head coach Charles Nix said “We are very excited to have Celebration Box partner with us, I love the synergy as it definitely is a time to celebrate with the launch of our new franchise and the great talent that the Tauihi Basketball Aotearoa is bringing to our shores.”

The season begins on June 29, when the Hoiho faces the Mainland Pouakai in Christchurch.

With Celebration Box’s commitment to supporting young athletes and leaders in New Zealand, we are extremely humbled to be supporting these women to pursue their dreams while earning equal pay with their male counterparts!

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