Easter Gift Ideas for Adults & Kids NZ Delivery

Easter Gift Box Ideas for Kids and Adults in NZ

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Chocolate Easter Gifts for everyone! 

Easter is one of our favourite holidays because it’s an excuse to eat chocolate, chocolate and MORE CHOCOLATE! And Easter’s not just for kids, adults can get in on all the fun (and sweet treats!) too - because what adult doesn’t love some delicious chocolate liqueur easter eggs...


Our Easter Collection is limited edition and FLYING out the door, so make sure you order yours now before you miss out. We have gifts that can be delivered through Auckland, as well as New Zealand wide, so all Kiwi kids and their parents can enjoy sweet treats this Easter.  


Easter Bunny Delight $54.95 

If you’re in Auckland then you’ll be able to order our Easter Bunny Delight Gift boxes. These are available with either a grey or pink bunny rabbit, and are the perfect Easter gift. The kids will love the Cadbury Chocolate Bunny, and other Easter sweet goodies, and after these are all gobbled up, they’ll have a cute bunny to keep!


Hidden Easter Kapiti Egg $44.95  

For our next Easter Gift, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Kapiti Candy, who are a local NZ Candy business, with some of the best chocolate and sweets that our team LOVE! The Kapiti Candy Marshmallow Chocolate Easter Egg is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The goodie box also features Chocolate Speckle Eggs, which are an Easter classic, as well as milk bottles and carrot candy (don’t worry, they don’t taste like carrots!).  


Tipsy Easter Egg $69.95 

When we said Easter isn’t just for kids, we weren’t lying! Our Tipsy Easter Egg is the ultimate indulgent gift for those over 18 years, this Easter. Featuring three Chocolate Liqueur Easter Eggs, as well as some alcohol minis, this is the perfect gift to enjoy while relaxing this Easter Weekend.  


Easter Hunt $62.95 

And last but not least, is our Easter Hunt Gift Box! This box can be enjoyed as is, or you can have some fun and turn this into a traditional Easter Egg hunt for the kids, leaving some goodies at each location with a clue on where to find the next eggs. We guarantee the kids will love this 


So what are you waiting for? Hop into our Easter Collection now and send your loved ones an Easter Gift they won’t forget! https://www.celebrationbox.co.nz/collections/easter  


Sweet Easter Gifts delivered throughout New Zealand

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