Easter Gift Ideas with Celebration Box

Easter Gift Ideas with Celebration Box

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Chocolate Easter Gifts for the Kids and Adults!  

The Great Gift of Easter is hope! Easter is one of the best occasions because...you get to eat chocolate and not feeling (too) guilty about it. 

Celebration Box has options for all ages! Kids, Big Kids and the Adults! 🐰🐣💛 

To start off our Easter Collection - Introducing our new Vegan Easter Box! 

If you are based in Auckland or wanting to send to someone who resides here, here are our Auckland Only Kinder Kids Easter Box.

Gift for the Adults, our Bailey's Easter has all the perfect goodies to wind down with during the long weekend 😊


The Easter Show in Auckland has been cancelled this year, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the Easter festivities! Those in Auckland and across Aotearoa, treat yourself to our Easter Boxes filled with Sweet Treats... mmm! 🍫🍩 

Sweet Easter Gifts delivered throughout New Zealand

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