Celebration Box partners with GoGenerosity

Celebration Box partners with GoGenerosity

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Over the years, we've helped many charities as well as countless organisations and groups who have reached out to ask us to support their fundraisers. We try our best to help but we want to do more! And, we thought maybe we could give you a chance to get involved too!

We love the idea of paying-it-forward, so we've partnered with GoGenerosity to help you help those in need in our community.

We'll be paying-forward our gift boxes to a charity who will give the gifts to those who need them most.

What does that mean for you?
It means if you're able and want to, you have the opportunity to be generous when shopping with us.

Just click the GoGenerosity prompt in your cart to add $2 to your order.

We pool everyone's pay-it-forward donations to provide vouchers for our chosen charity.

And that's where you come in....

We want to hear from you
We want you to tell us which charity you think we should pay your Go Generosity donations forward to! Send your suggestions through to info@celebrationbox.co.nz

Want to know more?
Check out our Generosity HUB to follow the stats and read stories of people impacted.

You can learn more about GoGenerosity here

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