Food License and Information

Do your boxes have nuts or traces of nuts?
Yes. We cannot guarantee that a product will not come in contact with nuts. 

Should I purchase a box if I am allergic to Nuts, Gluten or Dairy?
No.  We store and prepare our Gift Boxes in an environment that also prepares Gift Boxes that contain Nuts, Gluten and Dairy products. Therefore if you are highly allergic to these ingredients we wouldn't recommend you purchase any of our gift boxes.

Where we state a Gift Box is Gluten, Vegan or Dairy Free we make all attempts to ensure these Gift Boxes are as stated Gluten, Vegan or Dairy Free, but we rely on information provided to us by our Suppliers and due to our boxes been hand packed, all products should be checked by the recipient.

Please contact us to discuss any food allergies or in-tolerances before making an order at